Let this be Love

 By Matt Wade

Though this may be only one of many love letters you receive, Though I may be only one of many men who desire your heart, Though our paths may never join and we remain forever apart,
I would have you read this and understand why I believe... 

That you truly are the most beautiful women I have ever met.
I fear I must apologize, my words are not enough to describe you. Even only your appearance, anything but beautiful would be untrue   I must tell you of the wonders I have... as if I will never forget, 

The first time we met and I saw your eyes, windows to your soul.
The first time I saw you help a little child, that was real beauty. The first time I heard you praise your king that was truly lovely. The time I heard you talk of love and knew your heart was whole. 

You seem to fly while all others can only stand on the ground. You are like an beautiful ballet when everyone else but walks. You sing a most amazing melody when the world only talks. Indeed you are a wonderful song and all else but mere sound.

If this be only one of many letters if I be but one in many thereof,
Let our paths never join and we will always remain, forever apart.
But if you say this is not one of many, and that I have your heart,
Then let us never be separated and you and I, will let this be love.

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This poem debuted at my speech and drama class where it met with great success...well they did clap for me.