That Lonely Road
By Matthew Tener Wade
I am walking down that lonely road
I go to you to ask for a friend
but you turn me down
and sent me away
but you have friends already so
I keep going down that lonely road

I pray I meet you but my hope is almost gone
I pray I could be your friend but
all I have is this hope of praying
but I am alone on this road
but I keep praying and hoping
for a brighter tomorrow but I'm still on this road

did I see some one ahead
I run ahead to see a girl
she is not you but
as I walk with her I learn that you
were never a good friend
even though you had so many

she and I can now leave this lonely road
before I leave I turn and look behind me
and I see you there on that lonely road
just needing a friend and I go to you
It is a struggle I know but still I go
go to you on that lonely road

I came to you on that lonely road
offering a friendship that you have never known
but you turn me away and you go on
if only you knew the toils of that road
I know the pain of that way, that lonely road
I know you will be there for many years

but I have comfort with a new friend
the girl I met on the road
so we can continue on with life
not burdened by the road
and in my time I have helped many
to escape that lonely road
and still I hope and pray
not for me or my new best friend
but for a girl that I once knew
who still walks on that lonely road
surely it is enough to make a man cry
and I do, still looking for you.

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